Out of a total of 13,066 complaints received on the cVigil mobile application, 9,413 were resolved within 100 minutes: CEO, Dr Raju


CHANDIGAR: The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Punjab, Dr. S Karuna Raju today informed that he has received a total of 13066 complaints on cVigil app since the Model Code of Conduct came into effect, of which 9413 complaints were resolved in less than 100 minutes. Our teams handled these complaints in an average handling time of 47 minutes 51 seconds and accuracy rates of 93%, he added.

Apart from this, Dr. Raju said that the ECI has received 551 complaints out of which 500 have been dealt with while 51 are in the process of being dealt with. Similarly, 390 complaints have been received on the National Grievance Redress Portal (NGRS), of which 362 have been addressed, while 28 are being processed, he added.

He said 2,411 complaints have been received through the call center, of which 2,278 have been resolved, while one has been dismissed and 133 are being processed.

Similarly, 2,197 complaints were received from other sources, of which 2,185 have been resolved, while 12 are being processed.

Meanwhile, any citizen can file a complaint through the cVIGIL mobile app, which provides time-stamped, evidence-based proof of the code of conduct/spending violation model, with live photos/videos with location data Automatique. The flying squads then investigate the case and the returning officer makes the decision within 100 minutes.


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