Parents attend the launch of its release on the App Store


Students in a class from 6th to Llantarnam Community Primary School invited their parents to the launch of an application they developed.

The students worked with Value Added Education who showed them how augmented reality could be used in their classroom and gave them the confidence to create and develop the app. The app includes games, stories, a blog and a gallery of student artwork.

Teachers hope parents will use the app at home to support their children’s learning.

I attended the launch and heard how the students learned new skills in design, coding, and creativity. Before the parents arrived, the class told me what they had done. They said:

  • “I can teach other people to code.”
  • “We designed things in Minecraft and uploaded them to put in Adobe Spark.”
  • “It was easy to learn.”
  • “Augmented reality is like playing a game in real life. You can see things through an iPad.
  • “We put our drawings in a folder and they appear on the wall as if they were inside frames.”
  • “We did a Guess Who game and a bowling game.”
  • “I liked drawing things in Keynote.”
  • “Seeing our game on the app was the coolest.”
  • “We learned so much.”

Parents received the school’s wifi code and were asked to download the app. Two students gave a presentation talking about each feature of the application. They held an iPad and it was a live projection on a big screen so everyone could see what they could see.

Once the presentation was over, the parents were able to try out the application. The class was full of adults walking around waving phones and iPads as they tried out the augmented reality features.

App launch photo gallery


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