Pluralsight Flow Introduces the First Comprehensive Team Health Analytics Tool for Engineering Leaders


Pluralsight Flow also adds a sprint movement report; Enables engineering teams to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies to deliver value faster

SILICON TRACKS, Utah, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pluralsight, the technology workforce development company, today announced the launch of two new features for Pluralsight Flow, the software development intelligence platform that helps organizations engineering to accelerate their growth through optimized software delivery. These features include Team Health Insights, which allows engineering leaders to proactively diagnose the overall health of their teams, and the Sprint Movement report, designed to aid in sprint planning and predictability efforts. Together, these new features complement Pluralsight Flow’s goal of helping engineering organizations better understand their workflows, build dynamic teams, drive strategic alignment, and deliver value to customers faster. and reliably.

Understanding team health and developer satisfaction while ensuring fast, high-quality software delivery remains a key strategic imperative for engineering organizations around the world. Despite having many tools and processes at their disposal, engineering managers often lack context in their data, making it difficult to understand how developers are actually doing. Pluralsight Flow’s Team Health Insights and Sprint Movement report solves this problem by providing leaders with additional data on team workflows, allowing them to ask and answer additional questions across the entire value chain of software delivery.

“Engineering leaders and their teams are constantly trying to reconcile two competing requirements: to innovate quickly while ensuring the delivery of stable and reliable software. Pluralsight Flow is a key partner allowing these leaders to help them optimize sustainably delivery times by focusing on process improvements that improve the developer experience,” said Greg Cecarelli, Managing Director at Pluralsight Flow. “Introducing Team Health Insights and the Sprint Movement report, Pluralsight Flow provides new insights that empower engineering leaders to understand team constraints, identify the best way to address them, improve the developer experience and ultimately deliver more value to customers faster. Conversations and efforts can focus on what matters most, helping teams deliver change with real impact.”

Team Health Insights: The Pillars of a Successful Engineering Team

With the addition of Team Health Insights, Pluralsight Flow is the only solution that provides a complete, single view of team health, giving engineering leaders the metrics needed to diagnose, optimize, and direct their processes. organization in a sustainable way. With Team Health Insights, customers can identify potential bottlenecks before they cause significant issues. They gain access to a quantified measure of overall team health through metrics categorized into key areas that act as pillars of sustainability for an engineering team: culture, activity, and efficiency.

  • Cultural pillar Enables leaders to gauge developer satisfaction and collaboration across their teams using metrics such as time to first comment, issuer response time, number of reviews on requests extraction and types of comments.
  • Activity pillar allows team members to visualize the work rate and accumulated risk within their teams to create a healthy work balance using code speed and collaboration metrics.
  • Efficiency pillar helps leaders understand the workflow in the system, identify disruptions and bottlenecks, and assess their team’s time spent in meetings using metrics such as merge time and time waiting.

“As someone who looks at data from multiple sources to understand my team’s health, I’ve found the Team Health Insights report to be a great addition to the Pluralsight Flow tool,” said Pedro Silva, Head of Engineering Operations at OLX Group. “Not only does it show data from several key areas, but it also allows you to customize which data points you want to see and focus on.”

By analyzing metrics from each of these pillars, Team Health Insights allows engineering leaders to benchmark themselves to understand where and how process changes will have the most impact.

A better way to sprint

In traditional sprint reports, leaders can see the end result of a sprint: whether the team failed or succeeded in meeting its commitments. However, most teams struggle to pinpoint the reasons for the success or failure of a sprint. Pluralsight Flow’s Sprint Movement report solves this problem by helping leaders see what was committed before a sprint, what was added during the sprint, and the overall completion rate of work committed versus work added.

With the Sprint Movement report, customers can also see who is working on additional requests. This allows for better collaboration and planning for future sprints, as well as sprint trends over time. By reducing the time spent actively trying to figure out what was causing bottlenecks in sprint retrospectives, engineering leaders can collaboratively focus their teams on eliminating said bottlenecks. This transparency allows customers to better understand their processes while helping to set realistic goals, manage appropriate workloads, and estimate project timelines with more confidence across the organization, which ultimately leads to healthier teams that deliver accelerated customer impact.

“I am absolutely thrilled again and again with the impact of Pluralsight Flow metrics, especially the new Sprint Movements report. Pluralsight’s unique and flexible engagement with Allvue Systems puts us ahead of the competition by visualizing our advanced and delayed delivery as recognized live,” said matt jones, Head of Agile Delivery at Allvue Systems. “Presenting and calculating these delivery metrics provided encourages healthy practice and interaction within our delivery teams as well as across the organization. These metrics alone reinforce and support the benefits of agility, but coupled with the visualization techniques of Pluralsight Flow, they become a powerful tool for positive disruption and alignment within organizations and for transforming business agility.”

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