PracticeEvolve Announces Mobile App as Precursor to Native Cloud Practice Management Solution


PracticeEvolve Group has announced a new secure mobile application to complement its portfolio of practice management software solutions, which will serve as a precursor to its native cloud solution, currently being tested in Australia.

The introduction of the app, called EvolveMobile, gives users the freedom to work on issues

wherever they are, with critical data at your fingertips. Including the ability to quickly record the time, the app integrates with the functionality of Android and Apple phones to provide a powerful user experience. Additional functions include access to customers and contacts, business and documents. Although EvolveMobile is part of the suite of cloud products that PracticeEvolve Group brings to market, it has been designed to seamlessly connect to our on-premises software, regardless of where it is hosted.

David Boland, CEO of PracticeEvolve Group comments: “We all know the power of mobile apps and, with businesses now operating in very different circumstances, customers demand apps to act as catalysts for their business, rather than just providing access to information static. That’s why we invest in the constant evolution of the application based on the on-premise, cloud-hosted and cloud-native software solutions that we offer in the market. “

David continues,

“EvolveMobile is a fundamental part of our suite of Cloud products, including our native Cloud application which is currently being tested in Australia. However, we’ve made sure that the app seamlessly connects to our on-premise software, no matter where it’s hosted. This reinforces our commitment to supporting On-Premise software over the long term. As a first step, we are testing EvolveMobile in beta with a number of customers in the UK, Ireland and Australia with a view to making it fully available before the end of 2021. ”

Matt Fiske-Jackson, Sales Manager adds:

“Mobility has become more and more important for law firms because it introduces flexibility into the way we work, and this is fully in line with our ‘Pathway to the Cloud’ journey. We spent some time chatting with the mid-level global legal market in terms of what they need. In response, the application will be launched with key functions and ensure synchronization with the solutions our customers use. “

Matt adds,

“It will be available for Android and Apple devices and, most importantly, it will include a standard two-factor authentication process to ensure its security. Initially, EvolveMobile will be released in October for PracticeEvolve users and once functionality is refined in the beta, the app will be made available to users of our sister products, Linetime and SOS. The app is designed to provide businesses and users with software that will constantly support their future.

PracticeEvolve will spend September and October in beta testing before launching on the market in late 2021.

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