Prescription app ranking sees tint of change


Providing a monthly dose of new scores and rankings, PYMNTS’ Prescription App Provider Rankings will help you find what the doctor ordered.

Similar to ranking apps in other categories, this one assigns scores based on factors such as channel coverage, up-to-date downloads, average monthly users, sessions per user, and average session duration.

In this month’s edition, there’s just a tinge of change, with two contenders swapping positions in the leaderboard and everyone else staying where they were last seen.

The Top 5

Once again ranked #1 is GoodRx. Like last time, this app has a perfect score of 100. It’s hard to beat!

The second is 13 points behind, as SingleCare registers an 87 and clings to the same position it had last time out.

After another gap in the field – 17 points – there is the third-place contender, CVS Caremark. This application maintains its position with a score of 70.

Just three points behind is RxSaver. With a score of 67, this app retains the #4 position it had last month.

In this month’s first ranking change, Publix Pharmacy moves up a level with a score of 63.

Top 10

This means there is one app that had to retire, and that is OptumRx. With a score of 60, he is now ranked sixth.

There is no move at No. 7, as Express Scripts still hold that spot with a score of 58.

Eighth place, too, remains unchanged. RxLocal maintains its position with a score of 50.

There’s another familiar name at No. 9, with ScriptSave hooked with a score of 45.

The tenth, like last time, is Kroger Rx Savings Club. With a score of 41, it closes out the top 10 in this month’s prescription app provider ranking.



About: PYMNTS’ survey of 2,094 consumers for The Tailored Shopping Experience report, a collaboration with Elastic Path, shows where merchants are succeeding and where they need to up their game to deliver a personalized shopping experience.


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