Quack Apps: Top 6 Must-Have Mobile Apps For Waterfowl



Unless you’ve been locked in a duck camp on your flip phone or Blackberry, you’ve probably incorporated some degree of modern digital devices to make your hunting experience more enjoyable and successful. The World Wide Web and the common thread of mobile applications are now at our fingertips, designed to help us find and hunt with ease.

Here are our top 6 hottest mobile apps to download with diehard waterfowl this season.

Map background

Some software, like Basemap, can make planning your hunt easier than ever. Going to the app and activating a layer gives you detailed season dates and past season harvest data for any state and species that interests you. Habitat Range layers will show you exactly where your career lives in the unit you are hunting, so you can reduce windshield time in unfamiliar areas. There are even layers for forest fires so you can avoid recently burnt sections when spotting. The basemap also provides valuable property boundary information, showing you where private land ends and public land begins.

Basic: free; Hunting research: $ 10 / year; Pro: $ 30 / year | basemap.com

Goose technology

Got Game Tech's Goose Tech mobile app

Put your best foot forward not only when walking, but also when speaking. Knowing when and how to call geese is one of the undisputed keys to success. Join goose guru Nick Johnson to learn the goose alphabet and all the notes and sounds you need to talk softly to great honkers. Your one-time purchase gives you access to a huge collection of training videos that describe everything from how to properly hold a goose call, understand goose language, and advanced calling techniques such as letting go. use of voice inflection and creation of a pressure range. Record and play back your runs comparing them to live bird sounds and expert call tracks. If you’ve gone crazy trying to find a one-stop-shop to learn how to start or advance your goose call, graduate with the Goose Tech mobile app. For your quack fix, be sure to check out the Duck Tech app, featuring three-time world champion caller Barnie Calef.

$ 19.99 | gotgametech.com


HuntWise mobile app

While not a newcomer to the hunting app scene, HuntWise has recently invested heavily in providing more useful features for waterfowl hunters. Now with over 350 layers, including a new Drought Watch layer, hunters can properly prepare for out-of-state trips and quickly rotate their plans as conditions change or unforeseen challenges arise. met. Another exciting development is the HuntCast feature, which uses a proprietary algorithm to predict your peak hunting times based on wind, weather, moon phase, and other environmental conditions. Set up custom controls to be notified when the northerly winds roar and don’t miss the opportunity to chase the next front! Create and share your secret places with trusted allies in real time using the HuntAreas feature. Elite members will be delighted to access a discount of up to 50% with the best brands in the outdoor industry.

Elite Membership $ 119 per year | huntwise.com

onX Hunt

OnX Hunt mobile app

No digital waterfowl scouting strategy would be complete without onX Hunt as the primary download on their “mob”. Whether you’re scouring the antennas for the next honeymoon, searching for a farmer’s contact details on a hot feed, or sharing pins with your best blind buds, onX Maps provides an awesome set of features to make your prep more easy and your hunting better. As one of the leading mapping services in the market, onX has done the hard work for you by showing exactly who owns what and where the boundaries of private and public land are. This service also offers synchronization software with your tablet and desktop devices and the ability to download offline maps when you are away from cell reception. Elite members have access to all 50 states for those determined to continue migrating through the flyways.

Elite Membership $ 100 per year | onxmaps.com


Duckr mobile app

If you like keeping your ducks in a row, Duckr might be your next favorite quack app. Duckr has everything you would expect from a waterfowl hunting app and more. Record hunting information, share maps, view solar statistics, and wind and weather forecasts are standard, but this duck download sets itself apart from the flock by including a complete bird identification database with sound samples, flyway reports, a community chat room and direct links to state – specific regulations, seasons and bag limits – oh, and a list of professional guide services, to name a few – one. Other than shooting for you, Duckr doesn’t do much to set you up for success.

$ 14.99 per year | duckr.app

Wind Primos

Primos Wind mobile application

If you are a little more cerebral in your waterfowl wanderings and try to hunt without the aid of apps, but checking the wind before the decoys are set up is not considered a cheat in your book, the Primos Wind app is a simple solution. By showing wind direction and speed, the app presents a satellite view of your location or turns off the map for a digital compass, both of which respond in real time to the direction you are facing. Tap the weather icon for a quick overview of the current conditions in your area and look back up to the sky and without screens.

$ 0.99 | Wind Primos



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