Quantum South Launches Air Freight Optimization App


Quantum South, a software development company based in Uruguay, announced the release of software to optimize the logistics and organization of air cargo for transportation. The software uses the power of quantum computing to handle multiple variable optimization problems, as load companies need to consider load shape, weight and center of gravity as well as important aircraft characteristics. and flight such as shear and fuselage shape.

The development of this software was born out of a submission to the Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge in 2019, during which Quantum South was selected as one of the competition’s global finalists. Airbus had identified this as one of the biggest challenges in the aerospace industry, as maximizing the packaging of goods on aircraft is governed by a significant number of factors to ensure safe and reliable transport.

Quantum South is looking for air freight companies to work with to use a parallel system or historical data to compare with their current results. The software currently runs on D-Wave annealing, but has also been tested on IBM, IonQ, and Quantum Brilliance computers via direct access via Amazon Braket or Microsoft Azure. To learn more about the software and find more information about Quantum South, find a press release here and a more detailed blog post about the software here.

February 12, 2022


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