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Quick Loan Without Proof Of Pay

Often, the desire for a loan arises from a spontaneous situation, so that planning and preparation cannot take long. For example, when strolling through the shops, you see something that you have wanted for a long time. The sight ensures that the decision is made to simply put the wish into practice. With the help of a consumer loan that the dealer offers.

In such a case, you take out a quick loan without proof of salary. Because the decision to take the loan was made just as quickly as the loan was provided by the bank behind the dealer. And this completely without proof of salary, since the presentation of the identity card is usually classified as completely sufficient for a consumer loan.

A quick loan without proof of salary is not always possible

A quick loan without proof of salary is not always possible

This example should show quite clearly that a quick loan without proof of salary is quite possible and is not only offered by dubious traders who enjoy and enrich the misery of their customers. Because a consumer loan is one of the most common types of credit and is issued thousands of times every day.

However, it is not always possible to take out a loan without proof of salary. Not even if it is a quick loan that should be available as soon as possible.

The proof of salary is the basis for a good credit rating. This is required so that the loan can be repaid to the bank after the admission. Only when the bank sees the salary of the borrower can it assess whether it is able to service the desired loan at all. The banks therefore require proof of salary in order to keep the credit risk associated with the loan as low as possible.

What to do if there is no proof of salary?

What to do if there is no proof of salary?

If a quick loan without proof of salary is sought because no regular work is being carried out, then the loan can only be taken out if there is a second borrower who can provide the desired proof of salary. The second borrower is then liable for the loan and secures it with his salary. He should therefore be selected very carefully and be aware of his important task.

If the proof of salary cannot be presented because it is not available, it is possible to provide the corresponding proof of a bank statement. Many banks also accept bank statements. In addition, the employer can have new salary slips drawn up if the old slips are lost.

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