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PORT WASHINGTON, NY, November 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Sandata is pleased to announce face and fingerprint identification as a new feature of its Sandata Mobile Connect® (SMC), used by its network of home care providers. This update makes it easier for users to log into SMC securely.

Ken Faltischek, Chief Product Officer at Sandata, worked with the team to prioritize and address feedback on SMC, including how to make the app easier to connect. “We’re trying to have the greatest possible impact on the user experience right now. SMC requires a secure connection each time it is used. for caregivers. “

With this release, SMC can now detect face ID or fingerprints on the user’s mobile devices and a prompt to activate Face ID (iOS), Touch ID (iOS) or Fingerprint (Android) is displayed after logging in to the application with a password. After enabling this feature, users can log in by scanning their face or fingerprint, depending on their mobile device. This feature will appear familiar to customers who already use face or fingerprints with other secure applications such as for banking. And, like most app enhancements, the feature can be turned off or on depending on the settings of the mobile device.

Face and fingerprint identification is included in the November 18 version, but the update in the App Store will take up to two weeks. Current SMC users can find additional information by logging into Sandata On-Demand.

“We have been looking forward to this launch and working on what future versions will include,” said Faltischek. “Through App Store feedback and the surveys we’ve conducted, we find common areas of weakness and build a roadmap to address them. Feedback from our customers is critically important.”

Three notable improvements have been made to SMC over the past year:

  1. Reply to all App Store feedback with the aim of resolving any issues reported in the app and improving our platform.
  2. Created an in-app survey feature where we can survey caregivers and collect feedback so we can expand our product roadmap accordingly. (Currently in pilot mode.)
  3. Added additional non-English languages ​​such as Polish, Tagalog, Hawaiian, and Yue to ensure we support caregivers whose primary language is not English. In total, we support 27 languages ​​built into the app with the aim of improving usability and usability.

Customers have responded positively to these and many more. For more information on what has been included in recent releases, customers can visit Sandata On-Demand, which includes release notes, help articles, and more.

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