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Incorporating shoppable Instagram feeds increases customer engagement, brand trust, authority, and conversions, driving high ROI. If you want to embed a regular Instagram post on your eCommerce site or online store, it’s pretty straightforward as you have to click on the embed code and paste it on the webpage.

But it’s not the same with the purchasable Instagram post. To embed a purchasable Instagram feed, you need the help of an app or tool to effectively create and embed an Instagram feed on your Shopify store. Below are the apps that help you create an effective Instagram shopping gallery that brings huge results to your Shopify store that you have never experienced before.

Taggbox Commerce

Taggbox Commerce is a powerful social commerce platform, providing intelligible platforms for everyone to drive conversion with social proof, purchasable social media feeds, purchasable UGC (User Generated Content), product reviews, etc. Taggbox Commerce has also launched Shopify apps to easily create and integrate purchasable social media galleries on their store for their Shopify users.

The tool is associated with major social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and others on your Shopify store. Taggbox commerce contains various features like curation, personalization, moderation, download inventory, product descriptions and many more. The Taggbox Commerce Shopify app has created easy, fast, and affordable shoppable Instagram feeds so that every Shopify store, big or small, can create engaging shoppable galleries without any technical requirements.

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Shopify apps are also known as Shopify plugins; Yotpo calls its tool a Yotpo Review Shopify plugin to reach its target audience. If you take the name and determine the purpose or core of the app, there you will find a review tool. However, Yotpo is not just for collecting and integrating reviews; it also provides functionality to convert social reviews to shoppable galleries to make it easy for customers to shop right from the window.

Yotpo was launched by integrating with major social media giants like Facebook, Instagram and Google. Shopify brands can easily collect customer reviews, ratings, and UGC using hashtags, tags, mentions, and usernames. With the Yotpo Shopify app, you can create shoppable Instagram feeds by tagging the product image, price, and purchase link in the shoppable Instagram feed.


Stamped is another tool that helps Shopify build social proof by collecting reviews and increasing conversions with Shoppable feeds. This comprehensive tool provides various features and services like reviews and ratings, visual marketing, referral programs, and more to help Shopify brands maximize their profits.

Stamped allows Shopify stores to manage various aspects of an effective marketing approach from a single platform. This Shopify app is powered by artificial intelligence and offers incentives to users every time they post reviews on your website. Various websites use Stamped to create shopping malls and referral programs to improve customer engagement and conversions.

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Promoted as an all-in-one e-commerce marketing platform, Growave is known for its wide range of services such as Q&A reviews, rewards and loyalty programs, purchasable Instagram and UGC galleries, wishlist, social media login, and integrations with various platforms.

Various Shopify brands are leveraging Growave to improve customer engagement, reach targeted customers, trigger store visits, improve customer experience, connect, and ultimately increase sales to achieve desired results.


Bazaarvoice is a big name on the internet for providing powerful ecommerce marketing solutions for everyone, regardless of the size of the ecommerce website. This app offers a wide range of solutions to improve overall health and drive impactful brand growth on multiple levels.

Integrating with all major social media channels, Bazaarvoice offers the most powerful social media platforms, adds product tags, and lets people discover new products by hovering over the Shoppable post.


Photoslurp, a visual commerce platform, enables Shopify store owners to build strong social commerce marketing campaigns. Photoslurp boosts online presence, social proof, and entices customers with compelling Instagram posts.

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Shopify owners collect user-generated content from Instagram and other social media channels. They can craft it into great content and integrate it into their store in under a minute. This provides various features and functionality, helping to present the Instagram window interesting, attractive and easy to access.


Here we come to the end of this blog, discovering some great Shopify apps that support the easy and fast integration of Shoppable Instagram feeds into the Shopify store. To build a stronger Shopify store, you can use these Shopify apps to drive engagement, loyalty, relationships, and conversions.

If you’re looking for a general guide on how to create a Buyable IG Feed with Product Tagging, you can also watch the updated tutorial below by Alex Tooby.

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