Software-based electronic warfare (EW) that capitalizes on trusted hardware introduced by BAE Systems


NASHUA, NH – BAE Systems’ Electronic Systems segment in Nashua, NH introduces Storm EW modules to provide customized offensive and defensive electronic warfare (EW) to U.S. and allied naval forces.

Storm EW modules use a proven common core architecture for EW software capabilities that provide warfighters with situational awareness, survivability, and electromagnetic capabilities.

Storm EW modules are high performance EW building blocks that capitalize on mature EW technology. The scalable design provides a reliable hardware foundation that users can customize and integrate into fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and missiles.

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Storm EW modules deliver on the Department of Defense’s vision of a scalable and adaptable EW solution that enables third-party software and programming that is also exportable and affordable.

BAE Systems has a deep understanding of the electromagnetic threat environment, strong digital engineering and agile software development, manufacturing and a global support network to accelerate the delivery of modern EW systems to the field.

Work on the Storm EW modules is conducted at BAE Systems’ facilities in Burlington, Mass. ; Manchester, NH; Merrimack, NH; Nashua, NH; Wayne, New Jersey; and Austin, TX.

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