Software for your busy developers


In the world of 2022, software development teams are a vital part of almost every large business, which means it’s crucial that they can operate quickly and efficiently.
LinearB Inc., headquartered in Santa Monica and Tel Aviv, develops software aimed specifically at developers, giving them the tools to accomplish a wide range of tasks as efficiently as possible.

“Software developers love writing code, building things, and solving problems,” said Rocco Seyboth, the company’s vice president of marketing. “You find out very quickly when you’re in your first company that developers write code maybe an hour or two a day, if you’re lucky.”

Most of a developer’s time, Seyboth said, is usually spent in meetings, reporting, code reviews, and communicating with other company personnel.
LinearB’s software platform consolidates and automates many of these tasks, with the goal of ensuring that developers can spend more time creating new features that will enrich a company’s software offerings.

“We can automate and optimize these tasks without coding so they create fewer bottlenecks,” Seyboth said. “And in doing so, we also speed up the time it takes for teams to deliver features, we reduce the number of bugs, and we reduce the overall cost of engineering.”

Launched in 2018, LinearB has quickly made a name for itself in the world of software development, aided by a popular podcast, blog, and community channel for users hosted on the Discord Inc. communication platform.

The company also caught the eye of investors, announcing on May 2 that it had raised $50 million in a Series B funding round led by Tribe Capital. LinearB has raised nearly $73 million in total since its launch, and the company said it will use the recent influx of capital to expand its engineering team and market its system to new users.
Already, Seyboth said, LinearB’s platform is used by more than 100,000 developers across more than 5,000 teams. The company’s software is offered on a subscription basis, though it’s available free for small teams of developers.

Seyboth said the company is focused at this point on improving its platform and integrating new tools for users. LinearB has an advantage over other startups, he said, in that the company has no problem recruiting talented developers.


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