Start my career as a Software Developer at Ericsson


I joined Ericsson Hungary 10 months ago as a software developer in the Packet Core team. This is my first full-time role after finishing college and an internship at another company, but I’m already an important member of the team, helping roll out new features for customers. This is just one example of why I find working at Ericsson exciting and why I love my job.

There are some things in particular that I like about working at Ericsson.

Equality and representation

For me, equality is very important and Ericsson shares the same values ​​as me. Here everyone can express themselves, regardless of background, experience or gender, everyone here is open to new ideas and opinions. Increasing female representation is also important to me and at Ericsson I can see that they are working to increase the number of female employees.

It is important to keep up with a rapidly changing world, to be progressive and to embrace multiculturalism and diversity. I can see this happening at Ericsson.


I work with innovative technology and have been involved in the implementation of two new features although it has been less than a year since I joined Ericsson. Ericsson is constantly striving to improve; it shows in the technology we use and want to improve those technologies. I’m working on extending the configuration flexibility in 4G and 5G so that it can be rolled out all over Hungary. It involves constant change and development can be scary, but we focus on the end result as a team.

Improve the world

The work I do and the exciting technology I work with helps the world move forward. I firmly believe that what I do contributes to improving the world and the quality of life in the world. The people here are really passionate about what they do and the impact their work can have on society, and that’s one of the things I love about working here.

About Ericsson Hungary Packet Core

The Packet Core team in Hungary is growing rapidly. We are a group of people who are passionate about implementing and supporting new telecommunications technologies for our customers so that their customers can in turn benefit from the technology.

We are looking for more people with Kinga’s passion for the industry to join us. To apply for one of our positions, please click here.

Learn more about Ericsson Hungary Packet Core here.


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