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Known for digitizing handwritten paper work and cutting grading time in half, assessment software is now available for students on the App Store and Google Play

Yesterday, leading education technology solution provider, Turnitin, announced the global release of the Gradescope by Turnitin mobile app for students to submit assignments. This follows the successful pilot in the United States on April 21, 2022 of the Gradescope mobile app. The application is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Students need educational technology that keeps pace and enhances their flexible, fast-paced learning environments. Via the Gradescope mobile app, students can take photos of single or multi-page assignments or select files from their smartphone and upload them directly to their course. On the app, students can also view their enrolled courses, assignments, due dates, and grade notifications wherever and whenever they are.

Gradescope was originally created to help teachers create, administer, and grade assignments and assessments, especially for larger classes. The software digitizes handwritten work on paper and uses AI to help cut grading time in half. Additional features, including dynamic rubrics and hiding student IDs, help maintain fair grading. With these features, classrooms benefit from simplified lesson management; faster and more complete evaluation feedback; and information about course, class, and individual student performance.

The Gradescope mobile app eliminates the extra step of using a third-party app or web browser each time students need to submit an assignment. Eliminating this burden allows students to centralize their workflow; work from their preferred personal device; and save valuable time.

“The past two years have shown us both the benefits and challenges of remote learning, highlighting the need for greater accessibility, flexibility and mobility,” said Annie Chechitelli, Director of products at Turnitin. “Tech companies have a responsibility to provide lasting solutions to these problems. The Gradescope mobile app is an extension of our existing scanning functionality, providing a submission option that helps reduce unnecessary pain from students’ academic experience. When there is less stress for students; there is more space to learn.

During its two-month release in the US, over 3,000 assignments were submitted through the Gradescope mobile app. Gradescope’s web platform has been recognized by Bett Awards, EdTech Breakthrough, EdTech Digest, IMS Global, SaaS, SIIA CODiE, Tech & Learning, and more. To date, 624 million questions have been scored through the platform. Globally, more than 150,000 educators and 3.6 million students from 2,600 institutions have used Gradescope to maximize learning from assessments.

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