Tekisite 3.0 aims to tackle cybercrime among young Nigerians


Tekisite, a non-governmental organization (NGO), has launched a campaign to combat the rising rate of cybercrime among students in Nigeria by offering alternative careers in technology.

In an effort to achieve this goal, project organizers, powered by Reaching Mind Foundations, have launched plans to hold bootcamps as well as seminars across the country to enlighten high school students about other opportunities as they arise. in the world of technology.

Tekisite 3.0 hosts a bootcamp in Ogun

The growing concern of cybercrime

Cybercrime rose to prominence in the early 2000s when young Nigerians posed as African princes and claimed to offer wealth in exchange for compensation. However, a new wave of acceptance is sweeping the country, linked to the rising poverty rate, get-rich-quick mentality and overwhelming peer pressure.

According to a report by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), 80% of arrests in 2021 are related to cybercrime and fraud. Additionally, Nigeria has been ranked 16th among the countries most affected by cybercrime, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

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How does Tekisite plan to change the narrative?

According Oluwatosine AdeyemoHead of Communications at Tekisite, cybercrime has become a threat to society and must be controlled immediately before it ravages the economy of its potential and human capital.

Cybercrime is now the main crime to be tackled in society. The acceptance is worrying, it is now a popular culture that young people must engage in cybercrime as a means of survival. Teenagers are pressured by their parents and immediate family to engage in cybercrime.

Oluwatosin Adeyemo, Tekisite Communications Manager

Tekisite mentions that cybercrime has silently invaded Nigerian society. Therefore, it is not enough to speak out against a vice, especially a vice as absolute and ingrained as cybercrime. It is more important to offer an alternative to teenagers and the next generation. One that offers great economic and societal benefits.

Tekisite 3.0
Students participating in Tekisite 3.0

Building on the world’s increased reliance on technology, Tekisite Founder, Abass Oyeyemi, while enunciating the essence of the project, noted that:

Tekisite bootcamps will see teenagers escape the vice of cybercrime, learn how to get valuable employment and also learn great human values ​​that put them beyond the reach of increasing social pressure. Giving birth to an army of young, tech-savvy Africans ready to conquer the world. Eradicate cybercrime, make the world a better place and create sustainable employment opportunities.

Abass Oyeyemi, founder of Tekesite

Ogun and Oyo among the first beneficiaries

According to the NGO, the theory behind Tekisite is one that has been successfully put into practice time and time again. The first edition of the project started in Ogun on July 4 and ended on July 17, 2021.

The project was aimed at students from Ayetoro, Joga-Orile and Ibooro in Ogun. The project ended up training more than 250 students from different secondary schools.

Tekisite 3.0
Tekisite 1.0 and 2.0 in Ogun and Oyo

In Oyo, the 2.0 program ran from April 3-9, 2022 in Saki and trained 375 students from three secondary schools.

The latest edition of the project is expected to return to Ogun with a focus on learning web development, software development, product management, product design, and digital marketing.

The position of the State as a major global site for digital and the emerging innovation economy; as well as the number of higher education institutions, coupled with the existence of large ethnic groups in the state, were among the reasons cited by the NGO for choosing the state.

Project Manager of Tekisite Project, Salawu Faizat while narrating what to expect from the upcoming Tekisite Project, said, “We are targeting around 900 school children in Ogun who will become Technical Brothers after two weeks of intense training at our locations. strategic locations in Ogun East, Ogun West and Ogun Central.

“Software development, product design and graphic design would be the main areas of learning for teenagers. The consequences of the training would be a statewide competition among our learners which would provide them with several opportunities”

As the world is in a technological frenzy, Nigerian society must seize the
opportunity to provide Nigerian adolescents and young people with technological and digital skills. These
the skills will serve as an alternative to cybercrime and also help prepare young Nigerians
compete with other countries to train a tech-savvy generation.

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