Texas Democrats propose to hold early presidential primaries


The Texas Democratic Party plans to make a plea to hold an early presidential primary in 2024 as the national party opens a nomination process that may reshape its nomination schedule.

Angelica Luna Kaufman, spokeswoman for the Texas Democrats, confirmed to The Hill that the state party plans to file a letter of intent. News of the Texas Democratic Party’s intentions was first reported by Axios.

Under the new process, approved by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) earlier this month, state parties must submit a letter of intent in early May and a formal request in June.

The DNC Rules and Regulations Committee last week approved a resolution establishing that process in the face of growing grumbling about the current list of early candidate states, including Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

Applications to hold early primaries will be reviewed based on diversity, competitiveness and feasibility. The DNC specifically seeks to explore how a state can help the party win the general election and a state’s ability to run a seamless race while dealing with the costs and logistical requirements of staging an early primary. .

Once the nominations are submitted in June, the DNC Rules Committee will then have six weeks to determine its recommended composition, with plans to announce a proposal in early July.

Texas is one of several states to have said it wants to host a first primary, joining Minnesota, Michigan, New Jersey, Nebraska and Washington. Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Georgia are also considering applying, while Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina are battling to retain their top spots.

Texas meets many of the DNC’s requirements, including a rapidly diversifying electorate. Democrats also insist Texas can be competitive, though they have yet to win a major race there. However, the sprawling state could cost candidates dearly, and the state’s GOP-dominated legislature would greenlight any plans to change the election date.

Democratic frustration with the early nominating timeline has largely centered on Iowa and New Hampshire, two predominantly white, rural states. Iowa has also become far less competitive for Democrats, and the state party held a disastrous caucus last year marred by serious technical issues.

Julia Manchester contributed to this report.


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