The 5 best energy-saving power strips


If you’ve grown up with adults telling you to unplug devices to save electricity, it turns out they weren’t dramatic – those devices can continue to drain power, even if you turn them off. To save you from high utility costs, the best energy-saving power strips allow you to customize control of individual outlets, so you only pay for what you use. These smart gadgets come in a variety of styles with varying levels of control – from Wi-Fi options to auto-sensing power strips – so here are a few things to consider.

When it comes to managing power saving features, some options rely solely on manual on / off switches, while smart power strips have Wi-Fi capabilities that let you connect to a compatible app. or to your smart home assistant, so you can use voice commands or control the electrical outlet remotely. (Other benefits of Wi-Fi-enabled power strips are the ability to set timers and schedules, and in some cases even monitor power consumption.) For more hands-off control, you can opt for a power strip with automatic current detection. Technology. This option turns off power to electronic devices plugged into specified power-saving outlets whenever a device plugged into the “control” outlet is turned off or goes into standby mode. They are perfect for entertainment centers (power to speakers and game consoles will be cut off when the TV is off) and work setups (power will be off for printers and other electronic devices when your computer will go into standby). You’ll also want to note whether AC outlets can be controlled individually or collectively, and whether or not there are always-on outlets that ensure certain devices receive a constant flow of power, like routers and alarm clocks.

When shopping, you’ll have a choice of traditional power strips, tabletop cubes, and a 360-degree tower that can power up to 14 devices and appliances. And for added versatility, you might want to look for models that offer both AC outlets and USB ports. Whichever style you choose, the best power saving power strips are all surge protected and provide reliable power, but only when you need it.

1. The best power strip

  • The specifications : 10 AC outlets, 4 USB ports, 6.5 foot retractable extension cord, level controlled power
  • The odds: 4.7-star overall rating, over 13,000 reviews

The details: Each level of this three-level vertical power tower has its own independent circuit, allowing you to group devices and control power to each level when not in use. The circuits are controlled via a switch at each level, and each has a green LED that lights up to indicate when power is being drawn. The tower’s 360-degree swivel design allows easy access to the 10 AC ports and four USB ports in various directions, whether you place it on a table, desk, or on the floor. A handle makes it easy to carry and the band’s sturdy 6.5-foot cord is retractable, so you can keep tabletops and floors safe from clutter and potential tripping hazards.

Useful advice: “We bought this to organize all of our family devices, Bluetooth speaker and Fitbit chargers (we put our phones and tablets to bed every night in our rooms in a central location.) I love that we can use less of it. energy by turning off the outlet section that we don’t use.I also like that the tower has a retractable cord.

2. The best smart power strip

  • The specifications : 6 AC outlets, 3 USB ports, 3.2ft extension cord, app and smart assistant compatible, monitors power consumption, AC outlets can be individually controlled
  • The odds: Overall rating of 4.7 stars, over 3,400 reviews

The details: Kasa’s Wi-Fi enabled power strip connects to a companion app and / or your Alexa or Google smart assistant, meaning you can control devices remotely with your phone or via voice commands when you’re at home. the House. The strip has three USB ports and six AC outlets, the latter of which can be turned on and off individually. For convenience, each outlet can be named for the specific device plugged into it, meaning you can tell your smart home assistant to “turn on the fan” or “turn off the TV” without having to. remind you which outlet it is plugged into. Besides controlling it at will, you can also set schedules and timers collectively or for one take at a time. The app also provides usage data which can help you know your energy consumption and see how much energy is used by certain electronics and appliances.

Useful advice: “It’s an incredible smart power strip. I used it to set up a WiFi controlled timer system for my reef aquarium. Each outlet can be managed and controlled individually with the app. The wifi is very stable and easy to set up. Gives me the ability to monitor devices connected to the power strip. You can label each connected item for easy identification.

3. The best with widely spaced outlets

  • The specifications: 8 AC outlets, compatible with larger outlets, 4 foot extension cord, group controlled AC outlets
  • The odds: Overall 4.6 star rating, over 3,700 reviews

The details: The Belkin Energy Saving Power Strip’s eight outlets are widely spaced to accommodate larger outlets and larger batteries, so you don’t have to leave some outlets unused in order to have enough space to plug in. The strip is controlled by two separate circuits: two always-on outlets that never go out and can be reserved for things you use every day, such as alarm systems or Wi-Fi routers; and a bank of six outlets that can be controlled as a group using the included remote or manual switch. Status lights let you know from a distance which outlets are active or not, and the wide, flat design can be placed on a flat surface or mounted on a wall.

Since this remote control strip gives you less individual control than the other options on the list, it may be better suited for particular scenarios, such as work setups where you are comfortable removing power from multiple devices after the day is over (computer, printer, lamp, etc.) or home entertainment systems that include multiple items such as a TV, game console, and speakers

Useful advice: “These are great for saving power, keep your device plugged in, but no power is used until the switch is turned on. No more plugging in and unplugging to save energy.

4. The best smart power supply

  • The specifications : 3 power outlets, 3 USB ports, 1.2m cord, compatible with apps and smart assistant, power outlets can be controlled individually
  • The odds: Overall rating of 4.5 stars, over 13,900 reviews

If you’re looking for a compact option, this 4-inch Wi-Fi-enabled power supply has a small footprint that won’t take up a lot of space on your desk or nightstand – and it’s affordable, too. Power can be controlled using the connected app or by voice commands via the smart home assistant, but keep in mind that the manual switch cuts power to the entire block. The three AC outlets can be controlled individually, while the three USB ports can be controlled as a group and you can set schedules and countdowns on your phone. You can name each of the three outlets, making it easy to voice control this option, but there is no app functionality to help you monitor power consumption.

Useful advice: “The best feature about it is the button. I have this device on my desk and use it to power my computer monitors and docking station at work from my home office. When I’m done with the day, I use the button to turn my devices on and off. Also, if I forget, I can log into the app and turn them off remotely.

5. The best self-adjusting power strip

  • The specifications : 7 AC outlets, 3-foot extension cord, automatic current sensing technology, group controlled energy saving outlets
  • The side : 4.3-star overall rating, over 850 reviews

This seven outlet power strip is a low maintenance option that uses current sensing technology to shut off power to certain outlets when not in use. The dedicated “control” outlet is ideal for primary electronic devices, such as your TV or computer, while the four power-saving outlets are designed for peripheral electronic devices, such as a printer or speakers. Then, when you turn off your television or computer (or leave it in standby mode), the power supply to electronic devices plugged into the energy-saving sockets is cut off. There is an adjustable switching threshold that allows you to change the power value at which the four switched outlets turn off (low, medium, high), so that you can customize it according to the devices you have plugged in at a time. given. Finally, there are two permanent outlets that can be used for items you want to keep in active use, such as a router or an alarm clock.

Useful advice: “This item works exactly as expected. I use it in my office where I have two computer environments. The computer is in the control outlets and the peripherals in the switched outlets. When the control elements are turned off, the peripherals are completely powered off I highly recommend them and plan to use more in my entertainment center.


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