The ANR Clinic announces the launch of a mobile application to improve


Tampa, Florida, United States, December 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The leading opioid treatment clinic has announced the launch of a mobile app that will allow patients to easily connect with staff at the ANR clinic. The ANR Clinic app is now available for iOS and Android devices. The app is designed specifically for the ANR patient and the post-treatment optimization process. Patients will be able to use the app to set up medication reminders, track follow-up appointments, and search for answers to frequently asked questions.

The ANR addresses opioid addiction using modern medical knowledge of what brain function looks like before opioid use, in addition to the neuroadaptation that occurs when the nervous system is exposed to opioids. ANR treatment uses modern medicine to re-regulate the endorphin system and receptors, returning the brain to its state of pre-opioid dependence.

ANR treatment has helped over 24,000 patients worldwide break free from opioid addiction. The clinic is convinced that the new mobile application will make it easier and faster for patients to contact their medical team and to receive advice throughout their optimization journey.

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“The mobile application is designed to present many benefits to patients, allowing them to have many resources available whenever they need them. We are very proud of the most innovative feature, which is Medication Recall, which is essential for patients recovering from opioid addiction. The app will also allow doctors to track the patient’s progress and make progress towards optimizing their endorphin system. Said Ben Waismann, CEO of the ANR clinic.

He added: “The ANR extends its commitment to patients even after discharge from hospital. After discharge, patients are regularly monitored by our medical team, and their optimization is discussed. We also review post-treatment medications and their dosages. We have made the app very simple and user friendly. It can be used by anyone, regardless of the type of device. We anticipate further improvements in the coming weeks.

About the ANR Clinic

Dr Waismann, who pioneered rapid detox 25 years ago, redefined treatment for opioid addiction and achieved unprecedented global success with ANR.

The ANR Clinic uses cutting-edge medical treatments and modern medicine to help people addicted to opioids. The clinic achieves its vision with innovation, providing patients with the best resources to recover. The ANR Clinic is an important player in the fight against the opioid epidemic.



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