The ranking of insurance application providers guarantees the risk


We just love to read futuristic tales of how insurance and its adjacent industries will work “someday”. A self-driving jetcar arrives, a built-in insurance offer pops up in your smart brain optical implant, and at the speed of thought you are carried away safely.

From what we’ve seen on TV, there are also a lot of zombies in the future. All the more reason to insure, we say, and there are never too many good or too many reasons to do so.

That is why we are passionate about producing the PYMNTS Insurance Application Provider Rankings. Here, the future is now, despite the automated means of transport, and with zombies in addition.

He’s another one of those tie-loving rankings, and by that we don’t mean he likes the endangered behavior of tying a patterned piece of fabric tightly around his own neck for love. of fashion. We have evolved, and so have these rankings. A little. Okay, not that much.

See for yourself.

The Top 5

For the record, these insurance applications have unprecedented endurance. They hate to move.

At No.1 and No.1, respectively, our first tied score still pits the Geico app against the Progressive app in a celebrity cage match that has no resolution in sight.

Another big no-change is No. 2 State Farm, which is now deploying Fiserv digital payment technology to provide speed and flexibility in auto and fire claims payments. Faster is quantifiable better.

Then, in another showdown, it’s Allstate Mobile watching USAA Mobile at # 3.

The Jerry: Car Insurance remains at No. 4 after an impressive rise in the charts.

Surrounding the Top 5, it is still Liberty Mutual Mobile as a digital gateway to better insurance.

Didn’t we say “not that much” before we even read it? Try this next batch of apps if you are looking for Easter Eggs hidden among the major mobile insurance brands.

The Top 10

At # 6 for another cycle, it’s the tangy lemonade insurance app, which insures everything from your condo to your cat.

What is this? Something changed? Why didn’t you shoot the flare gun?

Coverage – Insurance in the blink of an eye snaps its fingers and moves up two places in the rankings since last month to take No.7. That’s good for them.

We know how much you love tied scores, so here’s one more. Do not ask again.

At # 8, we still find Esurance Mobile opposed to Farmers Insurance Mobile, which is exactly the same place we left them last month. Insurance does not rush things too much.

Thankfully, it has some sort of Mary Poppins umbrella as its logo, with Travelers Mobile hovering two spots at No. 9 in this latest ranking of insurance app providers.

We’ve kept this one hidden from you until now – with no clue or prediction – and we’re sorry. But you have to leave something to the imagination, so we’ve kept something special.

New in the ranking this month is the Safeco Mobile application, entering the Top 10 at No. 10.

Hey, No.10 is where the Prime Minister of the UK lives. We can hang on to that.

Until we meet again in about four weeks, pay your premiums.



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