Too Good To Go: The app that lets you get Greggs, Subway, Costa & Pret for a fraction of the price


With an ever-increasing cost of living crisis across the UK, many residents who would usually be comfortable with their pay are feeling the pressure.

As a result, people are looking for ways to stretch their cash a bit more – by ditching restaurant meals or ordering a tempting takeout to simply get by.

However, a popular mobile app allows less picky eaters to afford the same luxury while saving on meals.

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Too Good To Go works in unison with a number of retailers, cafes and restaurants across the country, enabling customers to get end-of-day products for a fraction of their original price. The app allows punters to enjoy an experience similar to those who can afford to spend frivolously without breaking the bank, while reducing food waste across the UK.

And although food is usually very close to its best before date, hungry households can save on their afternoon meals or even freeze produce for a later date.

Too Good To Go offers meals and groceries at cheaper prices

Across the Northeast, stores like Morrisons, Greggs, Costa Coffee and Subway frequently offer “magic bags” – filled to the brim with stock that would otherwise be discarded and wasted. Those interested in grabbing one simply place an order through the Too Good To Go app, before heading to the store at a specified collection location to pick it up.

For those looking for hot meals, the app offers them too – with hotels like Toby Carvery, Harvester and Farmhouse Inns all offering end-of-shift grilling at a dramatically reduced price.

For example, a mid-week rotisserie at Oak Tree Farm in Sunderland will usually cost a customer in the region of £7.79 – but if you order through Too Good To Go you can pick one up for £3.99.

However, the advantage of the app is that you don’t know exactly what you’ll get in your magic bag until you collect it, and with limited time slots available which usually go fast, there’s no no guarantee that you will be able to eat discounted food every day.

In addition, sometimes the products offered are not available for collection during peak hours. For example, if you wanted to pick up a carvery from Oak Tree Farm, you had to wait between 9 and 9:30 p.m. tonight to be able to do so.

Either way, it’s a small price to pay for those looking to save money – many often flock to social media to post their bargains of the day at a local business or restaurant chain.

Have you used Too Good To Go before?

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