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Who are the best mobile app development companies? If you decide to build a cross-platform app or an iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile app, you might be asking yourself this question. If you want to make the right decision, you need to compare the best mobile app development companies. Then make an informed decision based on a plethora of choices.

It’s easy to find good app developers everywhere you look due to the nature of the app development process including the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia. We have reviewed the quality of each mobile app development company listed here. They are ready to design and experiment with UX / UI design and other emerging technologies, such as wearable devices, augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain, and Amazon Alexa. Finally, we did not discriminate against small or large studios, as both can provide quality services.

Siddhi Infosoft

Siddhi Infosoft has been a leader Mobile application development company in the United States to provide digital solutions to all sectors of industry. Founded in 2011, they have grown with the digital ecosystem to support every stage of the product lifecycle. Their web and mobile application developers strive to deliver a memorable experience and services, which outperform and surpass your competition online.

They understand the challenges across business functions and recognize the values ​​of the company. With their sharp strategy, they offer compelling mobile applications that help your business in digital transformation, thus increasing the speed of your development.

NIX United

This software engineering company has provided more than 3,000 software solutions to customers around the world during its 27 years of activity. In addition, NIX’s global software development company is consistently ranked in the IAOP, GSA, and EBA TOP-100 top 100s. In addition to robust applications, they provide holistic business solutions developed by over 2,100 experts.

3-sided cube

Their goal at 3-Sided Cube is to create digital platforms that empower movements and organizations to effect change around the world. They are an ISO certified digital product development and mobile application development company. The company uses technology to change the lives of millions of people.

Additionally, the team has made social impact a central part of everything they do since its inception in 2009. Over 17 million global downloads have reached communities in more than 90 countries. The team performs usability testing, user experience design and development, build, launch and ongoing support. Therefore, it helps provide support to impact-based organizations at every stage of the project lifecycle.


Eleks has worked with leading technology companies and companies. They have around 1,500 experts in their offices in the United States, Europe and Canada. The company helps businesses improve their value factor by using application development product design, custom software development, and consulting services.

Their functionalities include full-cycle custom software and application development, PoC development and feasibility study, capacity services and smart teams. In addition, they are in the development of applications.


These people create and create fantastic iOS and Android mobile apps which are published on the App Store. Since their inception in 2003, they have perfected a collaborative, flexible and creative studio approach. These allow their clients to undertake large tasks without breaking the bank.

In addition, they are the premier mobile studio in Wales and have won several BAFTA awards. Some of their regular customers include big brands like NHS, Admiral Insurance, BBC, RSPB, Jaguar Land Rover.

Gentle intelligence

This digital transformation company offers the best engineering solutions designed for large multinational companies. In addition, the firm helps companies accelerate the adoption of new technologies, solve complex problems and manage continuous innovation.

Intellect soft has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, the Nordic region and Eastern Europe. Each of them uses creative solutions and mobile development services to improve products and increase KPIs for businesses. Their customer base includes big names such as Universal Pictures, Jaguar Motors, Qualcomm and Harley-Davidson.

Michigan Software Labs

MichiganLabs is a full-service product development company with a track record of helping businesses with adoption and expansion. Through software roadmaps, onsite work sessions, product development, ROI paths, user engagement and acquisition, metrics integration and monitoring, they create a strategic relationship from the start.

In addition, they specialize in aligning business, technology and consumer needs. They care about the user experience throughout the customer journey and at every point of contact with your business. Finally, they provide analytics for a better measure of customer success and retention.

Turn it on

GeekyAnts is a mobile development studio that drives innovation and transforms industry players through smart solutions. The mobile application developers specialize in advanced technology used for development purposes. These include React Native, Vue, Flutter, Angular, Python, NodeJS, Svelte, etc. GeekyAnts has provided tailor-made solutions to a wide range of industries for over 500 clients around the world.

Additionally, GeekyAnts is the creator of NativeBase (15,000+ GitHub stars), BuilderX, Vue Native, Flutter Starter, beats API and countless other open source contributions. GeekyAnts recently released the native Base3.0.6, and it has 15,469 Github stars.


Simform is a leading custom software and application development company with a mission to help successful businesses expand their technological capabilities. Since 2010, their more than 280 experts have used their development services to help companies increase their value.

In addition, they have worked with a variety of companies including public companies, Fortune 500 companies, and non-government groups supported by the World Health Organization. This team believes in helping you every step of the way. This includes determining the appropriate architecture, the right methods to use, and even overseeing the actual completion of your software projects.

In addition, they go through a multi-faceted process that includes wireframing, testing, Agile development, delivery, support and maintenance, as well as a free initial consultation.

The NeufHertz

NineHertz is a global leader in the development of mobile applications and business solutions. Since 2008, they have created over 1,000 mobile apps for businesses, startups, and corporations across a variety of industries on both iOS and Android platforms. Some areas of excellence are data integration, e-commerce services, industry solutions, Salesforce, and DIY with emerging technologies such as AR / VR, IoT, iBeacon, PWA, and Big Data.

Additionally, NineHertz’s work includes apps for platforms such as iOS, Android, PWA, React Native, Ionic, Flutter, and IoT. They serve companies such as Samsung, Casio, Vodafone, Airtel, Pepsi, and Siemens from offices in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Florida, and the United Arab Emirates.


With a team of exceptional brains, this digital products agency responds turnkey to all of the customer’s technological difficulties. Plus, their customer-centric workforce is ready to tackle even the toughest of challenges without the hassle of micromanaging. Everything to provide their customers with incredible user experiences and realize their maximum business potential.

In addition, they prefer to collaborate with their clients instead of just “working” for them. The team is made up of incredibly skilled people eager to take on your challenge as theirs, come up with several alternative solutions, and deliver the best results for your business goals.

While their main expertise is focused on solution design, machine learning and AI / data science, their other services include IT consulting, custom software development, business analysis, web development and applications. To streamline the delivery of so many services, they follow an extremely efficient workflow and focus on their own development through workshops.

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