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A car is not just a means of transportation for car enthusiasts. The one thing that all sports car owners have in common is their love and devotion to their cars. Sports car enthusiasts usually do all the upgrades to make driving more enjoyable.

However, unlike regular sedans, sports cars require more maintenance and have high replacement and maintenance costs. For insurance, if one owns a Dodge Charger, he cannot qualify for sedan insurance because the Dodge Charger has a V8 engine and eight cylinders, which impacts his insurance cost. So, for a sports car like the Dodge Charger, you would need Dodge Charger insurance. The good thing is that many different insurers now offer competitive Dodge Charger insurance rates. So now anyone can easily compare insurance quotes for sports cars online at insurance comparison sites.

An interview was conducted with Sara Routhier, Editor and Director of Outreach at, and compiled a list of sports car smartphone apps she recommends to all car enthusiasts.

#1: a car

For luxury sports car owners, fuel economy is not the primary concern. However, it is still important to monitor car mileage to analyze the efficiency of your car engine. To do this, the aCar application monitor can greatly help you.

It keeps record of every fill-up and gives reminders to car owner about upcoming maintenance while keeping full track of car mileage. Not only that, one can also track car expenses using this app.

#2: McLaren Race

The McLaren app allows a user to access exclusive racing events. The app is packed with real-time interactivity, race information, polls that give users the opportunity to engage, and interviews with key members of the McLaren team.

Additionally, there are opportunities for user contribution that can lead to official products.

#3: Ford Synchronization

If you own a Ford car, be it a classic Mustang or the latest models, you will need to install a Ford Sync app.

The Ford Sync app lets you plug your smartphone directly into your car, giving you control of all the necessary functions. For example, using Ford Sync, they can play music. Also, use several other apps without having to take your eyes off the road.

#4: SmartStart

Classic or old sports don’t have very good radiators. However, they are great fun to drive, and there is a huge fan base of classic sports car enthusiasts and collectors who prefer these cars over modern sports cars.

If you love driving your classic sports car on cold winter mornings and hate waiting inside the garage while it warms up, SmartStart is a new app designed to eliminate those frustrations.

SmartStart-enabled smartphone hardware allows users to preheat their car while they’re still at home, ensuring the weather is nice and warm by the time they arrive in the chilly morning.

Keep in mind that this app is completely free, but the hardware costs around $700, which seems like a reasonable price to warm up the car during winters.

#5: Drive DODGE

Dodge has an app specifically designed for Dodge car owners and fans who want to be kept up to date with the latest news.

Drive Dodge app is perfect product management content. For example, one can get model information by vehicle year and create a dealer locator, a parking reminder that tracks the driver’s GPS coordinates and saves them when you park the car. This function provides great convenience to track the car to the parking lot or set a reminder to power up the meter in the parking lot.

Also, this app contains links to important information such as Mopar parts, accessories, Dodge gear, merchandise, and the company’s social media sites.

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