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VANCOUVER, British Columbia and LISBON, Portugal, Aug. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TUGA Innovations, Inc. (CSE: TUGA) (FRA: DQ5) (OTC: TUGAF) (“TUGA Innovations” or the “Company”) , which develops solutions to the challenges of urban mobility with TUGAa new type of electric vehicle (“EV”), today announces the commencement of strategic activities designed to advance a twenty-four (24) to thirty-six (36 ) month.

This proposed program aims to align all aspects of technical development, prototype testing, regulatory approvals, software and hardware integration in combination with advanced digital technologies, marketing and sales efforts.

The company’s co-founder and vice president, César Barbosa, says, “We recognize the need to manage many moving parts in the weeks and months ahead. We believe our ability to prototype a working platform in an accelerated timeframe is a testament to our commitment and focus. Recent advancements such as our patent-pending extendable rear frame and rear axle have been designed to provide a practical and innovative consumer-focused, segment-specific premium vehicle targeting sales entry into the markets of urban commuters, carpool delivery, taxis, rentals and leisure. .”

TUGA Innovations is also committed to evaluating the concept of Mobility-As-A-Service (“MaaS”) as a potential value-added feature for integration into the TUGA platform. The Company is also exploring the potential for additional or enhanced benefits and functionality through the integration of augmented reality and virtual reality powered by artificial intelligence (“AI”). These features, including links to Metaverse-based platforms, have the potential to open up all new customer-centric vertical integration possibilities combining innovative vehicle functionality, transportation software platforms, new user applications and associated services.

TUGA Innovations co-founder and board member António Câmara notes, “We see MaaS as an umbrella concept that gives us the ability to combine multiple offerings. We will evaluate and test these elements using our expertise in AI and software development.

The TUGA fully electric front and rear 2-seater vehicle aims to address the many challenges encountered when driving in, between and around urban centers and metropolitan areas. The vehicle is no wider than a motorcycle for agility and features a patent-pending extendable rear axle for stability at higher speeds and an extendable-length pending vehicle frame system recently announced patent offering a unique rearward movement of the rear portion of the vehicle to allow for improved passenger entry and egress. The TUGA platform is designed to offer several body styles initially identified as the TUGA Commuter, TUGA Deliver and TUGA One concepts.

The company’s CEO, John Hagie, adds, “Customer experience is at the heart of our strategic direction. We’re looking at options for ride-sharing models at property in key locations that provide frictionless access through online smart contracts. To that end, we hope to dedicate several first-race vehicles aimed specifically at the ridesharing, ridesharing, and delivery service segments. Our vision will require significant effort and capital investment, but our confidence is based on our belief that our product, when developed, will offer a uniquely tailored solution in today’s rapidly changing automotive industry.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

~John Hagie~

John Hagie
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Director
TUGA Innovations, Inc.

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About TUGA Innovations, Inc. (CSE: TUGA) (FRA: DQ5) (OTC: TUGAF)

TUGA Innovations is a development-stage electric vehicle company undertaking the design, engineering and production of specialized electric vehicles to enhance the urban mobility experience. The Company seeks to reduce the difficulties of urban mobility by developing a fully electric three-wheeled two-seater front-to-rear vehicle. The vehicle will be no wider than a motorcycle for agility and will have a patent-pending extendable rear axle for high-speed stability and a patent-pending extendable frame and body length for passenger comfort. The vehicle will offer advanced connectivity technology to maximize safety, performance, environmental impact, comfort, maintenance and navigation. The TUGA vehicle is designed to offer an estimated range of 160 km, an estimated top speed of 140 km/h with the comfort of a car and with more protection than a motorcycle in a multi-body interchangeable platform and multifunction. Learn more about: https://tugainnovations.com/.

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