Twitter is working on a tag to highlight ‘verified phone number’ accounts: report


Amid the legal battle with one of the richest men on Earth, Elon Musk, Twitter is working on new features to add to the platform. According to renowned application researcher Jane Manchun Wong, popular microblogging platform Twitter is working on a phone number label on user profiles.

The verified phone number badge is displayed in the attached tweet. It is visible just below the profile category and above the next count. The badge will only be available to verified users on the platform. Wong also claimed that Twitter may show view counts for posts on the platform, however, it’s unclear whether the view count will be visible to the author or to everyone on the platform. .

Meanwhile, Twitter is battling a series of data breaches that appear to be on the rise. More recently, a bad actor managed to take advantage of a security hole and extract the data of millions of Twitter users, then sell it on another platform. The incident was reported by a security research firm and Twitter recently confirmed it.

Twitter confirmed that the security flaw had been exploited. The platform mentioned in a press release: “In July 2022, we learned from a news article that someone had potentially exploited this and was offering to sell the information they had compiled. After reviewing a sample of the data available for sale, we have confirmed that a bad actor took advantage of the issue before it was addressed.”

In a previous report, Bleeping Computers mentioned that they contacted the attacker who intended to sell the data for the aforementioned amount. However, the attacker could also broadcast the information over the Internet for free, which would put the security of millions of Twitter users in question. Twitter said it would notify owners of accounts confirmed to be affected by the security issue. However, he also said, “We are unable to confirm every potentially impacted account.”


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