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Being almost in the business for over a decade, Uber; your ride genie now allows its audience to see the rating given to it by its riders. The mobile application puts an end to the mystery of the carpool rating system. Supposedly, if three runners gave you two stars, you’ll be able to see it from now on. But, you will not be able to know which of the pilots rated you. At the time, drivers could only see their average score until Uber announced last Wednesday on the company’s blog that drivers will be able to see a summary of their score in the app.

According to the company, this new update will help understand how exactly your ratings were calculated. The company will now show its riders the ratings they have received.

Knowing that drivers can now rate you, too, could be agitated if the legend rated you highly for your punctuality or gave you a single star for throwing trash in their vehicle. However, it could lead to establishing a balanced relationship between the two ends.

Here is a short guide to understand how to access your note on the application;

Start by heading to the privacy section in the setting. Once there, tap on the privacy center and swipe down to the “How to use the app” heading. Uber even added a summary of the rating your riders gave you. The summary contains for example your statistics; the number of journeys you have made, etc. You can even find information about the passengers you’ve traveled with and how much you’ve paid them.

This feature is now available to all riders and is part of Uber’s plan to increase transparency on their platform. Uber calculates the average rating using data from your last five hundred rides, so if you’ve ever wondered how exactly you can increase your rating, Uber suggests don’t litter the car, fasten your seatbelts , not to keep the passenger waiting. you, etc.

Uber also highlighted the worst to best US cities according to a survey they conducted, with the Big Apple; New York being worse with Washington close behind. While Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania was ranked as the best city.

But it doesn’t matter where exactly you live, with the information of this new feature; you can improve the experience you and your next Uber driver will have.

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