University of Louisville Health Adopts Paige AI Cancer Detection Software for Improved Cancer Detection


University of Louisville Health is one of the first US healthcare systems to implement FDA-approved Paige Prostate

NEW YORK, December 15, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) –Paige, the world leader in AI-based pathology diagnostic software, today announced that University of Louisville (UofL) Health, a leading university health system based in Louisville, Ky., has deployed a comprehensive suite of software Paige AI digital pathology tool to improve diagnostic confidence, efficiency and patient care during routine cancer diagnosis.

UofL Health is one of the first healthcare systems in the United States to implement Paige Prostate, the first and only AI-based pathology product to receive FDA approval for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) in the detection of cancer in prostate biopsies. UofL Health will also deploy Paige’s FullFocus® as a digital pathology case management tool and digital pathology image viewer, and Paige Breast to elevate pathologists’ ability to diagnose cancer.

With the increase in cancer cases around the world, AI technologies have the potential to help pathologists work more confidently and efficiently. AI can act as a second pair of eyes for pathologists, helping them quickly spot very small, almost imperceptible areas of cancer in a sample of tissue that may be difficult to recognize with the naked eye. This can result in better accuracy in cancer diagnosis and ultimately in better clinical management of patients.

“We are proud to be one of the first healthcare systems in the United States to adopt an AI-based digital pathology software platform that provides better insight into tissue and acts as a second opinion built into our routine diagnostic process, ”said Dibson Dibe Gondim, MD, Director of Pathology Informatics, Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Director of the Associate Residency Program in Anatomical Pathology and Director of Genitourinary Pathology at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. “Leveraging the Paige platform and AI tools, such as Paige Prostate, will help us increase the efficiency and diagnostic confidence of our patients and improve our pathology workflows. “

Additionally, UofL Health will leverage Paige’s Software Development Kit, an open platform that enables institutions to deploy custom lab-developed tests for digital pathology, to deploy AI algorithms to aid efficiency. operational and image analysis that have been developed in-house.

“Completing our deployment at the University of Louisville Health is an exciting milestone for Paige as we help hospital systems adopt digital AI-powered technologies to make their existing workflows more accurate and efficient,” said Andy Moye, Ph.D., commercial director. at Paige. “We are proud to offer a strong portfolio of FDA-backed AI-based digital pathology technologies. We’re also excited to see how the University of Louisville is using the Paige Software Development Kit to achieve near-term clinical impact, and we hope this will be the first of many research applications adopting our open technology to improve patient care. . “

Outside of the United States, Paige Prostate is CE marked for use in laboratories and hospitals in the European Economic Area, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. FullFocus is FDA approved and CE marked. The products are also available for research purposes only in other territories.

About Paige

Paige was founded in 2017 by Thomas Fuchs, Dr. Sc, David Klimstra, MD and colleagues at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). The company creates computational pathology products designed for patients and their care teams to make effective and more informed treatment decisions. With this new class of AI-based technologies positioned to drive the future of diagnostics, Paige has created a platform to deliver this new technology to pathologists to transform their workflow and increase confidence and productivity. of the diagnosis. Paige’s products provide information to pathologists and oncologists so that they can effectively arrive at more accurate diagnoses for patients. Paige is the first company to receive FDA approval for an AI-powered digital pathology product.

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