Urgent Android alert to millions of users after discovering malicious apps in the Samsung App Store


An urgent Android warning has been sent to millions of users after the detection of malicious apps in the Samsung App Store.

The apps in question may request access to things like contacts, call logs, and phone, putting users at risk.


Urgent warning advises Android users to avoid specific appsCredit: Getty

The latest malware-infected apps found in Samsung’s Galaxy Store are apparently cloned versions of the Showbox hacking app, reported Android Police.

Some of the infected apps would trigger a warning from Google’s Play Protect, however, some can apparently get away with it.

The apps are said to have “requested more permissions than expected, including access to contacts, call logs and phone.”

The real Showbox app has also reportedly been criticized for its services.

The app can stream movies and TV shows and has been accused of using illegal means to do so.

The actual Showbox app had either been removed from the app stores or had suffered an outage in the past.

Samsung did not immediately return The Sun’s request for comment on the malicious apps.


The new warning comes after a tech expert warned Android and iPhone users to purge their contact lists because of apps that may access information.

Some apps access phone numbers and email addresses we connect with and create association networks.

This can allow hackers, law enforcement or intelligence agencies to know your identity and those of your connections.

“If a law enforcement agency sees you as a person of interest, it may discover that you are using encrypted messaging applications such as Signal,” warned Peter Gregory, senior director of the security firm Cyber. RCMP.

“While the agency will not be able to see the content of your conversations, they will be able to see who you are conversing with.”

Users should beware of cloned versions of other apps they download


Users should beware of cloned versions of other apps they downloadCredit: Getty
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