“We will be one of the creators of the next generation of inspection, starting with cooking”


The agreement cements a partnership already established between Grupo Bimbo and Mekitec. The Mexican bakery giant has been using Mekitec’s x-ray systems – powered by Kanan’s software – for five years. Kanan specializes in machine vision technology, with a particular focus on X-ray inspection to detect foreign objects in baked goods.

As part of the transaction, Grupo Bimbo’s venture capital arm, Bimbo Ventures, will become a significant shareholder of Mekitec and will support the Finnish company in accelerating its growth.

In addition, it will strengthen Mekitec’s presence in Latin America. The transaction includes Kanan’s 13 software development, sales and service teams in Mexico. The inspection software company is also present in Ecuador, the United States and France.

The future of food inspection

According to Pablo Sánchez, CEO of Kanan and Director of Bimbo Ventures, artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of food inspection.

Today, the food industry – and not less the bakery industry – is under increasing pressure to improve food safety to ensure that every part is free from contaminants and quality defects. In food inspection, x-ray systems are considered the most sustainable choice because they minimize waste, while maximizing traceability without compromising consumer safety.

Kanan’s software is designed to instantly detect quality defects, such as missing product, part or infill, as well as contaminants such as ceramic, high density glass, stainless steel, stone, dirt. and metals. An x-ray image is captured of all product passing through the equipment and analyzed with custom inspection software.

“AI is transforming food inspection and enabling our customers to deliver ever better products to their customers”Sanchez said.

“We are delighted that with Mekitec we are one of the creators of the next generation of inspection, starting with cooking. “

Since its first installation in 2001, Mekitec has supplied more than 1,000 tailor-made food quality control systems based on X-ray technology to customers in more than 40 countries. The global company employs more than 55 people worldwide and has annual sales of $ 5.7 million.

Leading the industry

“Traceability and artificial intelligence are important drivers for the future of food safety”said Antti Sivula, CEO of Mekitec.

“This acquisition is of major strategic importance to Mekitec, allowing us to lead the development of the industry on a global scale. Having Bimbo Ventures as a partner and Grupo Bimbo as a client means that the development of our products will always be fully aligned with the needs of the industry.

Raul Obregon, Chief Information Officer and Transformation Officer at Grupo Bimbo, added: “Our company has a constant commitment to quality. Grupo Bimbo not only wants to adopt the best quality assurance technology, but also partnerships that allow us to co-create the future of food inspection with the best technology developers.

Grupo Bimbo is the world’s largest bakery company. It has 203 bakeries and around 1,700 points of sale in 33 countries. It is listed on the Mexico Stock Exchange (BMV) under BIMBO and on the over-the-counter market in the United States with a Level 1 ADR under BMBOY.


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