World Digestive Health Day 2022: here are the mobile apps that will help you take care of your digestive system


It may not surprise you at some point, there is some kind of awareness or commemoration day that is happening either in the world or in some part of the world. Today, May 29, is no different as it is World Digestive Health Day.

World Digestive Health Day 2022

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World Digestive Health Day is celebrated, as already mentioned, every year on exactly the same day, May 29. As you may have already guessed, this day is meant to highlight the importance of gut and digestive health, as well as disease. and other conditions that affect this aspect of your health and your body.

According to an Optima Health article, “The day itself is organized by the World Gastroenterology Organization and marks the start of a year-long global public health campaign.”

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Mobile applications that will help you take care of your intestinal and digestive health

To celebrate World Digestive Health Day, we’ve put together a list of mobile apps that will help you monitor and best care for your gut and digestive health, especially if you’re already experiencing related health issues.


One of the most common issues related to gut and digestive health that many people have is known as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). According to Healthline, IBS “involves changes in stool frequency or pattern and lower abdominal pain.”

If you have IBS, Bowelle is one of the apps you should have on your phone. According to an article by Verywell Health, it can help you track your diet as well as your symptoms. You can also use it for other digestive issues you may be having.

It should be noted that Bowelle is only available for iOS users. In fact, you can even integrate the app with Apple Health.

Care Care

Another app that can be used by people with different digestive issues is Cara Care. Similar to Bowelle, this app can be used to track food intake and symptoms.

Other than that, a separate Healthline article highlights the app’s other uses, including monitoring stress, abdominal pain, and even poop. You can also use the app to monitor other aspects of your health, such as water intake, sleep, and exercise.

Cara Clare is available for iOS and Android devices.

Poop tracking apps

Stool and your poo are a big part of gut and digestive health. If you notice any irregularities with your poop, there are actually plenty of iOS and Android apps available that can help you track the size, color, and other details of your poop.

As of press time, some of the poop tracking apps available for iOS devices include PCal, Poo Keeper, Crap & Tap, and Poop Tracker. When it comes to Android devices, some of the poop tracking apps available include Poop Tracker – Toilet Log, Bowel Movement Analysis, Plop and Poop Map

Other poop tracking apps available for iOS and Android include Happy Poop and Poop Tracker: Refreshing.

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